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Spirit of the Incas, Peru

Minimum age 5 years

This exciting adventure takes you into the heart of the Inca Empire. From Lake Titicaca, the ancient birthplace of Inca legend, you’ll venture through the Andes to Cuzco, an amazing mix of Spanish and Inca influences. The highlight is your trip to Machu Picchu by train. Look out of the window as rugged scenery rushes by. Walk around the famous site, it is out of this world…

Trip Highlights:

Amazon Jungle

Your big jungle adventure begins as you travel by motorised canoe up river to reach your ecofriendly lodge. Local guides will help you to discover the magnificent fauna and flora in this rich natural habitat. Learn about medicinal uses of plants and at night listen to the sounds of the jungle creatures.

The Sacred Valley

The old Inca capital Cusco is a pleasant place for families to wander around and explore. From Cusco you will travel through the Sacred Valley. You’ll explore the vast, ruined fortress of Sacsayhuaman and visit Pisac’s bustling and colourful market.

Machu Picchu

The magnificent ‘lost city’ of Machu Picchu stands on a high saddle, dominated by the jungle-clad peak of Wayna Picchu. Seeing this iconic site will surely be a highlight.

Spirit of the Incas

Day 1/2 Flight to Lima

After your flight, you transfer to your accommodation and check in. Discovered in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, Lima was the principal city of Spanish South America for 300 years until the wave of independence swept the continent. You stay in the pleasant coastal suburb of Miraflores where shady parks, bustling cafes and the South Pacific coastline all lie within easy reach. NM Hotel or similar – 2 nights – Breakfast included.

Days 3-4 Amazon Jungle

This morning you will transfer to the airport for your flight to Puerto Maldonado, the gateway for the Amazon. Upon arrival, the lodge staff will take us to their office in town where you will leave most of your luggage in a safe storage and continue travelling with a small pack with just the necessary items for our next two nights in the jungle. Then we take a motorised canoe up river to our jungle lodge in the Madre de Dios area.

Head into the jungle with our local, multilingual guides and encounter magnificent fauna and flora in their natural habitat. The guides can also teach us about the medicinal properties and practical uses of the plants.

Posada Amazons Jungle Lodge – Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Day 5 Cuzco

Transfer by boat back to Puerto Maldonado this morning and board a short flight to Cuzco. On arrival in Cuzco you check into your hotel and enjoy a first evening in this fascinating city.

The Cuzco region truly is the heart and soul of Peru. The city itself is the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city and was the home of the Incas for two centuries before the Spanish built their first capital here. Today Cuzco is fascinating combination of both cultures. Inca-built walls line the central streets and many of the elegant colonial buildings are built on or around Inca foundations. this is a city steeped in history, tradition and legend and is a perfect base for explorations into the Inca world or to enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

Take the time to acclimatise to the city’s 3,450m (11,150ft) altitude and explore the many Baroque churches and ancient temples around the city.

Taypikala Cuzco Hotel (AA) – 1 night – Breakfast included

Day 6 Pisac

Start your tour of the Sacred Valley this morning with a visit to Pisac.

Part of the Sacred Valley, Pisac is a small town famous for its market (Sunday, Tuesday * Thursday). There are also some Incan ruins spread out on the mountains above the town, dating from about the same time as Machu Picchu.

You will start with a tour to a local farm, and then visit the archaeological ruins. You spend the night in Pisac.

Royal Inka Pisa Hotel – 1 night- Breakfast included – swimming pool

Day 7 Aguas Calientes

You continue through the Sacred Valley this morning, stopping at Ollantaytambo to visit another archaeological site.

The town of Ollantaytambo has been built over an ancient Inca town, which is a magnificent example of Inca urban planning. This is one of the few places where the Incas defeated the Spanish.

Ollantaytambo’s archaelogical site is located to the east of Plaza de Armas. The upper terraces of this site offer great photo opportunities of the squared grid town below.

Then take a midday train up to Aguas Calientes where you spend the night, in preparation for our visit to Machu Picchu tomorrow.

Sitting at the base of Machu Picchu in a picturesque valley, Aguas Calientes takes its name from the numerous hot springs in the area.

Postal Machu Picchu – 2 nights – Breakfast and lunch included

Day 8 Machu Picchu – Cuzco

Early this morning you take the bus up to the “lost city” of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is one of those genuinely magical places, and catching your first glimpse of the lost city of the Incas through the early morning mist is definitely a moment you will never forget.

The ruins of this forgotten city are stunningly located, perched high in the Andes surrounded by verdant cloud forest, with the river Urambamba running through the gorge far below. Hidden on a ridge between mountains, Machu Picchu is invisible from below, so it is no surprise its ruins remained a secret for so many years. Historians believe the city was probably completely self-contained, surrounded by agricultural terraces sufficient to feed all its inhabitants and watered by natural springs. It is thought that the city was the location of a royal palace and estate, home to the Inca emperors, or possibly a sacred religious and ceremonial site.

It was rediscovered, covered in dense forest in 1911 by the American explorer, Hiram Bingham. Bingham believed it to be the lost city of Vilcabamba, the last refuge of the Inca. The city was well preserved and in excellent condition and consists of more than 200 buildings, from houses to temples, storage buildings and public spaces. In the 1940s archaeologists decided that the city was conceived and built in the mid 15th century by Pachacuti, the first Inca emperor to expand beyond the Sacred Valley towards the forested gold-lands. It is fascinating to gaze down on the city from above and imagine how it would have looked during the height of of the Inca empire.

You will have a guided tour of the site, as well as some free time, before boarding an afternoon train to Ollanta, then a bus to Cuzco.

WAYNA PICCHU: Please note, due to internal safety policy our leaders are specifically prohibited from recommending or assisting with booking this activity.

Taypikala Cuzco Hotel – AA – Breakfast included

Day 9 Cuzco

Free Day in Cuzco. Cuzco is a city with majestic architecture, impressive ruins, a lively town centre and cultural significance around every cobblestone corner. A World Heritage Site set among red-green hills with ruins scattered close by, Cuzco is impressive in every way – be it history, culture, nightlife or architecture.

Please note: Due to internal safety policy, your leaders are specifically prohibited from recommending or assisting with booking trips to the mountaintop ruins of Wayna Picchu.

Taypikala Cuzco Hotel or similar – Breakfast included.

Day 10/11 Trip ends

On the morning of day 10 you will enjoy a stand-up paddle boarding experience on the Piuray Lake. Once you have mastered this activity, head back to Cusco city.

Trip ends overnight flight back to London on day 11.

Breakfast included.


Your price includes:

9 nights accommodation – Hotels (7nts) Jungle lodge (2nts)

Meals: 9 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners.

Transport: Minibus, boat, train, domestic flight, walk.

Peru Dates and Prices

Travel Dates Nights Adult Child 5-17 Notes
Sat 31 Mar – Tues 10 Apr 2018 10 £3,370 £3,035
Sat 07 Apr – Tues 17 Apr 2018 10 £3,370 £3,035
Sat 31 Mar – Mon 09 Apr 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 07 Apr – Mon 16 Apr 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 07 July – Mon 16 July 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 28 July – Mon 06 Aug 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 04 Aug – Mon 13 Aug 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 11 Aug – Mon 20 Aug 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 22 Sep – Mon 01 Oct 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 17 Nov – Mon 26 Nov 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740        Land only – flight prices not yet available
Sat 15 Dec – Mon 24 Dec 2018 9 £1,930 £1,740         Land only- flight prices not yet available

Included in your holiday cost:

Transport – Minibus, boat, train, domestic flights, private vehicle and on foot.
Accommodation – Hotels (7nts), Jungle lodge (2nts).
Meals – 9 breakfasts 2lunches and 2 dinners.

Additional money required for meals, drinks, incidental expenditure etc. £200 per person (based on previous travellers on this trip).

Flights are from London Heathrow and may be subject to a flight supplement. Book early to avoid flight supplements.

Land Only
If you prefer to organise your own flights, the holiday is also available as a land only package. Land only prices start from £1,799 per adult and £1,629 per child. Please enquire to confirm prices.

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